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Tedius Blackburn - portrait by Keikuina
Tedius Blackburn - portrait
Hey I thought I'd post this here.

Did I already explain who he is?
Eh, just in case I haven't:

His name is Tedius Blackburn, he's just a regular guy who regularly frequents the same bar. Ted just likes to sit down at the counter and have a drink on his own, but he doesn't mind the noise all around him. He's not one to look for trouble. Why would he try to pick a fight if likes to enjoy his drinks peacefully?

Wether or not he tries to pick a fight, people usually go after him. Only because he has a permanent frown, and the frequent thugs assume Tedius is judging them or giving them dirty looks whenever he happens to space out or glance in their general direction.

Sure, he's not one to pick a fight, but he sure as hell can end one. This regular, everyday normal guy is not all that normal in the end. People attacking him usually don't expect to see him burst into flames or fling fire balls at them.

You'd think the strangers who attack him would know by now that they'll get their ass kicked. The problem is that it's rarely the same people. The bar he frequents is not all that popular, and some people think it's alright to cause trouble there.

Anyway, Tedius is usually calm, with a constant frown on his face. Despite being a peaceful person, he will get serious in the heat of a battle, but he's careful enough to not damage the bar, as he gets along well with the bartender.

Art & Character © Keikuina aka Olivier Bourque
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Hey I'm streaming Earthbound. If you wanna watch, here's the link:


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